XML and NetBeans

I use NetBeans on a Mac and whenever I want to add a library, I can add it through the NetBeans interface and voila! I have access to all the classes. However, with the XML tool from your package, I cannot get NetBeans to recognize the classes in the jar. I have imported the source as a project and recompiled, I have added the jar as a library, nothing seems to work.

I am using 64-bit Java 6 on Mac OSX Leopard. 

Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a solution?

  • weyus

Issues running MyJavaTools on Windows XP


C:\myjavatools\com\myjavatools\lib>java -version
java version "1.3.1_09"
Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (build 1.3.1_09-b03)
Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build 1.3.1_09-b03, mixed mode)

If I execute "List filesToRepost = Files.find(START_DIR, fileName);"

where START_DIR is a directory name and fileName is a valid file name that lives underneath START_DIR, I do not get anything back in the list. 

START_DIR is of the form "/a/b/c/d".

I've tried pre-pending the directory path with "C:".
I've tried pre-escaping the slashes so that they won't be interpreted as part of the regexp, etc.

Are there any known issues with using MyJavaTools on Windows?

Wes Gamble

Version 1.2. of Run From Web

>Version 1.2 of "Run From Web" program - added '-newer' flag that lets download executable only if it is newer than the local file.

The command looks like this:

run [-overwrite|-newer] <url> <parameters>

('-overwrite' means that if the file already exists in cache, it is overwritten from the web)
('-newer' means that if the file already exists in cache, and it is older than the one on the server, it is overwritten)

Url can point to a file on a disk drive as well.

The archive contains the source code,, together with Windows, Mac, Solaris and Linux executables. If your platform does not support these, you can always run

java -jar runajar.jar

Sending multipart/form data

I recently stumbled upon the Sending multipart/form data ClientHttpRequest.java and was very interested. I am very new to java and still dont understand some basic concepts. I just need some clarifacation. By chance do you have example code of how to use ClientHttpRequest. I dont understand how to use:
InputStream serverInput = post(URL url, Map parameters);
I keep on getting an error that says cannot be referenced from a static context.
what do i have to do in order to have this file in a package, reference it then call the post method.
sorry if this is really simple. I just need to visually see something in cation to fully understand how it works. Also is it possible to submit a form receive a cookie from that request and re-send the cookie with a normal http request. It is for a site that uses cookies to verify a person is logged in, so in order to use what is behind the password protected area i would have re send the cookie with every request made to the server.
Thanks for your time.

two new methods for Files class

Got a letter:

"I was trying your files utility on http://myjavatools.com/ & found the methods very useful. Was wondering why following were not considered as another install method ?

public static boolean install(String archiveName, File location) throws IOException
URL url = new URL(archiveName);
ZipInputStream is = new ZipInputStream(url.openStream());
return unzip(is,location);

public static boolean install(String archiveName, String location) throws IOException
URL url = new URL(archiveName);
ZipInputStream is = new ZipInputStream(url.openStream());
return unzip(is,new File(location));

Where archiveName could be something like : file:/C:/downloads/examples.jar (or a zip file), as this eliminates the creation of the 'Class' object required for the existing install methods.

Looking forward to hearing from you...


Rajeev Chugh"

It's a great idea; and I've just added these two methods.